452. locale::combine should be permitted to generate a named locale

Section: [locale.members] Status: NAD Submitter: Bill Plauger Opened: 2004-01-30 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: Not Prioritized

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template<class Facet>
    locale::combine(const locale&) const;

is obliged to create a locale that has no name. This is overspecification and overkill. The resulting locale should follow the usual rules -- it has a name if the locale argument has a name and Facet is one of the standard facets.

[ Sydney and post-Sydney (see c++std-lib-13439, c++std-lib-13440, c++std-lib-13443): agreed that it's overkill to say that the locale is obligated to be nameless. However, we also can't require it to have a name. At the moment, locale names are based on categories and not on individual facets. If a locale contains two different facets of different names from the same category, then this would not fit into existing naming schemes. We need to give implementations more freedom. Bill will provide wording. ]


After further discussion the LWG decided to close this as NAD. The fundamental problem is that names right now are per-category, not per-facet. The combine member function works at the wrong level of granularity.