30 Localization library [localization]

30.3 Locales [locales]

30.3.1 Class locale [locale] Members [locale.members]

template<class Facet> locale combine(const locale& other) const;
Effects: Constructs a locale incorporating all facets from *this except for that one facet of other that is identified by Facet.
Returns: The newly created locale.
Throws: runtime_error if has_facet<Facet>(other) is false.
Remarks: The resulting locale has no name.
string name() const;
Returns: The name of *this, if it has one; otherwise, the string "*".
text_encoding encoding() const;
Mandates: CHAR_BIT == 8 is true.
Returns: A text_encoding object representing the implementation-defined encoding scheme associated with the locale *this.