20 General utilities library [utilities]

20.11 Smart pointers [smartptr]

20.11.1 Class template unique_­ptr [unique.ptr] unique_­ptr for array objects with a runtime length [unique.ptr.runtime] Assignment [unique.ptr.runtime.asgn]

template<class U, class E> unique_ptr& operator=(unique_ptr<U, E>&& u) noexcept;
This operator behaves the same as in the primary template.
Constraints: Where UP is unique_­ptr<U, E>:
  • U is an array type, and
  • pointer is the same type as element_­type*, and
  • UP​::​pointer is the same type as UP​::​element_­type*, and
  • UP​::​element_­type(*)[] is convertible to element_­type(*)[], and
  • is_­assignable_­v<D&, E&&> is true.
[Note 1:
This replaces the Constraints: specification of the primary template.
— end note]