24 Ranges library [ranges]

24.7 Range adaptors [range.adaptors]

24.7.11 Split view [range.split] Overview [range.split.overview]

split_­view takes a view and a delimiter, and splits the view into subranges on the delimiter.
The delimiter can be a single element or a view of elements.
The name views​::​split denotes a range adaptor object ([range.adaptor.object]).
Given subexpressions E and F, the expression views​::​split(E, F) is expression-equivalent to split_­view{E, F}.
string str{"the quick brown fox"};
split_view sentence{str, ' '};
for (auto word : sentence) {
  for (char ch : word)
    cout << ch;
  cout << '*';
// The above prints: the*quick*brown*fox*
— end example