23 General utilities library [utilities]

23.1 General [utilities.general]

This Clause describes utilities that are generally useful in C++ programs; some of these utilities are used by other elements of the C++ standard library. These utilities are summarized in Table 34.

Table 34 — General utilities library summary
Subclause Header(s)
[utility] Utility components <utility>
[intseq] Compile-time integer sequences <utility>
[pairs] Pairs <utility>
[tuple] Tuples <tuple>
[optional] Optional objects <optional>
[variant] Variants <variant>
[any] Storage for any type <any>
[bitset] Fixed-size sequences of bits <bitset>
[memory] Memory <memory>
[smartptr] Smart pointers <memory>
[mem.res] Memory resources <memory_­resource>
[allocator.adaptor] Scoped allocators <scoped_­allocator>
[function.objects] Function objects <functional>
[meta] Type traits <type_­traits>
[ratio] Compile-time rational arithmetic <ratio>
[time] Time utilities <chrono>
[type.index] Type indexes <typeindex>
[execpol] Execution policies <execution>