21 Language support library [language.support]

21.1 General [support.general]

This Clause describes the function signatures that are called implicitly, and the types of objects generated implicitly, during the execution of some C++ programs. It also describes the headers that declare these function signatures and define any related types.

The following subclauses describe common type definitions used throughout the library, characteristics of the predefined types, functions supporting start and termination of a C++ program, support for dynamic memory management, support for dynamic type identification, support for exception processing, support for initializer lists, and other runtime support, as summarized in Table 32.

Table 32 — Language support library summary
Subclause Header(s)
[support.types] Common definitions <cstddef>
[support.limits] Implementation properties <limits>
[cstdint] Integer types <cstdint>
[support.start.term] Start and termination <cstdlib>
[support.dynamic] Dynamic memory management <new>
[support.rtti] Type identification <typeinfo>
[support.exception] Exception handling <exception>
[support.initlist] Initializer lists <initializer_­list>
[support.runtime] Other runtime support <csignal>