26 Containers library [containers]

26.3 Sequence containers [sequences]

26.3.10 Class template list [list] list modifiers [list.modifiers]

iterator insert(const_iterator position, const T& x); iterator insert(const_iterator position, T&& x); iterator insert(const_iterator position, size_type n, const T& x); template <class InputIterator> iterator insert(const_iterator position, InputIterator first, InputIterator last); iterator insert(const_iterator position, initializer_list<T>); template <class... Args> reference emplace_front(Args&&... args); template <class... Args> reference emplace_back(Args&&... args); template <class... Args> iterator emplace(const_iterator position, Args&&... args); void push_front(const T& x); void push_front(T&& x); void push_back(const T& x); void push_back(T&& x);

Remarks: Does not affect the validity of iterators and references. If an exception is thrown there are no effects.

Complexity: Insertion of a single element into a list takes constant time and exactly one call to a constructor of T. Insertion of multiple elements into a list is linear in the number of elements inserted, and the number of calls to the copy constructor or move constructor of T is exactly equal to the number of elements inserted.

iterator erase(const_iterator position); iterator erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last); void pop_front(); void pop_back(); void clear() noexcept;

Effects: Invalidates only the iterators and references to the erased elements.

Throws: Nothing.

Complexity: Erasing a single element is a constant time operation with a single call to the destructor of T. Erasing a range in a list is linear time in the size of the range and the number of calls to the destructor of type T is exactly equal to the size of the range.