960. Various threading bugs #10

Section: 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Status: C++11 Submitter: Pete Becker Opened: 2009-01-07 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: Not Prioritized

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33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements]: paragraph 4 is entitled "Error conditions", but according to [structure.specifications], "Error conditions:" specifies "the error conditions for error codes reported by the function." It's not clear what this should mean when there is no function in sight.

[ Summit: ]

Move to open.

[ Beman provided proposed wording. ]

[ 2009-10 Santa Cruz: ]

Move to Ready. Fix the proposed wording with "functions of type Mutex" -> "functions of Mutex type"

Proposed resolution:

Change 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Mutex requirements, paragraph 4 as indicated:

-4- Error conditions: The error conditions for error codes, if any, reported by member functions of Mutex type shall be: