52. Small I/O problems

Section: [fpos.operations] Status: TC1 Submitter: Matt Austern Opened: 1998-06-23 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: Not Prioritized

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First, [basic.ios.cons], table 89. This is pretty obvious: it should be titled "basic_ios<>() effects", not "ios_base() effects".

[The second item is a duplicate; see issue 6 for resolution.]

Second, [fpos.operations] table 88 . There are a couple different things wrong with it, some of which I've already discussed with Jerry, but the most obvious mechanical sort of error is that it uses expressions like P(i) and p(i), without ever defining what sort of thing "i" is.

(The other problem is that it requires support for streampos arithmetic. This is impossible on some systems, i.e. ones where file position is a complicated structure rather than just a number. Jerry tells me that the intention was to require syntactic support for streampos arithmetic, but that it wasn't actually supposed to do anything meaningful except on platforms, like Unix, where genuine arithmetic is possible.)

Proposed resolution:

Change [basic.ios.cons] table 89 title from "ios_base() effects" to "basic_ios<>() effects".