3575. <=> for integer-class types isn't consistently specified

Section: [iterator.concept.winc] Status: Resolved Submitter: Jiang An Opened: 2021-07-25 Last modified: 2021-10-23 03:11:13 UTC

Priority: 3

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It seems that the return type of <=> for integer-class types is not specified consistently with other comparison operators. Even P2393R0 has ignored it.

IMO strong_ordering should be added to [iterator.concept.winc]/(5.3), and three_way_comparable<strong_ordering> should be added to [iterator.concept.winc]/8.

[2021-07-31, Daniel comments]

The upcoming revision P2393R1 will provide additional wording to solve this issue.

[2021-08-20; Reflector poll]

Set priority to 3 after reflector poll. Tentatively Resolved by P2393R1 which has been approved by LWG.

[2021-10-23 Resolved by the adoption of P2393R1 at the October 2021 plenary. Status changed: Tentatively Resolved → Resolved.]

Proposed resolution: