3538. §[library.c] C library functions are not addressable

Section: 16.2 [library.c] Status: New Submitter: Jiang An Opened: 2021-03-29 Last modified: 2021-04-20 20:40:18 UTC

Priority: 2

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P0551R3 has made almost all standard library functions non-addressable, including all functions from the C standard library. However, C17 (and the latest C23 working draft) explicitly allows taking address of a C standard library function in 7.1.4/1.

Should we require something like "every function from the C standard library is addressable unless it is overloaded", in order to minimize the incompatibility with C? Or explicitly say something in C.8 [diff.library] if such requirement is not wanted?

[2021-04-20; Reflector poll]

Priority set to 2.

Proposed resolution: