3337. What is "is initialized" supposed to mean?

Section: [locale.codecvt.virtuals] Status: New Submitter: Richard Smith Opened: 2019-11-15 Last modified: 2019-11-30 13:47:36 UTC

Priority: 3

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In [locale.codecvt.virtuals] paragraphs 6 and 11, we find:

Preconditions: (to <= to_end) is well-defined and true; state is initialized, if at the beginning of a sequence, or else is equal to the result of converting the preceding characters in the sequence."

This doesn't make sense. What is the value of state if we're at the beginning of a sequence? Is the fact that we say that it's initialized in that case supposed to imply that it need not be initialized otherwise?

Perhaps this means "value-initialized" or "default-initialized" instead of merely "initialized"?

[2019-11-30 Issue Prioritization]

Priority to 3 after reflector discussion.

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