3138. There is no such thing as assertion-level

Section: 99 [support.contract.cviol] Status: NAD Submitter: Tim Song Opened: 2018-07-10 Last modified: 2019-08-05 16:05:14 UTC

Priority: 2

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contract_violation has an assertion_level member function that is specified to return text "describing the assertion-level of the violated contract". There is, however, no assertion-level in [dcl.attr.contract], only contract-level.

By itself, this can probably be handled editorially as a typo, but we may want to reconsider the name of the function, which currently mirrors the (incorrect) name of the nonterminal.

[2018-11 Reflector prioritization]

Set Priority to 2

[Post Cologne Mailing]

Contracts were removed from the C++20 draft in Cologne; closing as NAD.

Proposed resolution: