3084. Termination in C++ is unclear

Section: 17.5 [support.start.term], 17.9.5 [exception.terminate] Status: New Submitter: JF Bastien Opened: 2018-03-15 Last modified: 2018-04-03 18:56:45 UTC

Priority: 3

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It's unclear how different termination facilities in C++ interact (and how they interact with the C termination facilities). Individually some of these functions try to handle corner cases, but hilarity ensues when combined with each other. As a simple example, can an atexit handler call exit? If not, can it call quick_exit, and can then at_quick_exit handler call exit? Is it possible to install an atexit handler from an at_quick_exit, without strongly happens before, while handling a separate atexit handler (and what happens then)?

The termination handlers and termination conditions I collected:

What's unclear is:

I've written a sample program which exercises some of this, see here.

[2018-04-02, Jens comments]

Any potential wording should carefully take [basic.start] into account, and maybe should actually be integrated into the core wording, not the library wording.

[2018-04-02 Priority set to 3 after discussion on the reflector.]

Proposed resolution: