3003. <future> still has type-erased allocators in promise

Section: 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Status: Open Submitter: Billy O'Neal III Opened: 2017-07-16 Last modified: 2020-09-06 13:52:31 UTC

Priority: 2

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In Toronto Saturday afternoon LWG discussed LWG 2976 which finishes the job of removing allocator support from packaged_task. LWG confirmed that, despite the removal of packaged_task allocators "because it looks like std::function" was incorrect, they wanted to keep the allocator removals anyway, in large part due to this resolution being a response to an NB comment.

If we don't want the type erased allocator situation at all, then we should remove them from the remaining place they exist in <future>, namely, in promise.

This change also resolves potential implementation divergence on whether allocator::construct is intended to be used on elements constructed in the shared state, and allows the emplace-construction-in-future paper, P0319, to be implemented without potential problems there.

[28-Nov-2017 Mailing list discussion - set priority to P2]

Lots of people on the ML feel strongly about this; the suggestion was made that a paper would be welcomed laying out the rationale for removing allocator support here (and in other places).

[2018-1-26 issues processing telecon]

Status to 'Open'; Billy to write a paper.


Jonathan observes that this resolution conflicts with 2095.

Proposed resolution:

This resolution is relative to N4659.

  1. Edit 33.10.6 [futures.promise], class template promise synopsis, as indicated:

    template<class R> 
    class promise {
      template <class Allocator>
        promise(allocator_arg_t, const Allocator& a);
    template <class R>
      void swap(promise<R>& x, promise<R>& y) noexcept;
    template <class R, class Alloc>
      struct uses_allocator<promise<R>, Alloc>;
    template <class R, class Alloc>
      struct uses_allocator<promise<R>, Alloc>
        : true_type { };

    -3- Requires: Alloc shall be an Allocator ( [allocator.requirements]).

    template <class Allocator>
      promise(allocator_arg_t, const Allocator& a);

    -4- Effects: constructs a promise object and a shared state. The second constructor uses the allocator a to allocate memory for the shared state.