2947. Clarify several filesystem terms

Section: [fs.enum.path.format], 31.12.11 [fs.class.directory.iterator], [fs.op.copy] Status: New Submitter: Thomas Köppe Opened: 2017-03-14 Last modified: 2023-02-07 02:58:54 UTC

Priority: 3

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During the application of P0430R2, we came across several terms that seem insufficiently clear and lacking proper definitions.

We would like clarification on what those terms mean, and we would welcome wording suggestions, or alternatively a verbose explanation and dispensation to change the presentation editorially.

The items in question are:

[2017-07 Toronto Wed Issue Prioritization]

Priority 3

[2018-01-16, Jonathan comments]

In [fs.enum.path.format] "always interpreted in the same way" means irrespective of the path::format value, or the content of the string. Maybe add ", rather than depending on the path::format value or the content of the character sequence".

In [fs.class.directory_iterator] an "implementation-defined directory-like file type" is an implementation-defined file type (see [fs.enum.file_type] and Table 115) that is treated like a directory by the special rules that the OS has for non-regular files (see [fs.path.generic]).

In [fs.op.copy], an "implementation-defined file type" is exactly that, see [fs.enum.file_type] and Table 115 again. I don't see what isn't clear about that. Maybe add a cross-reference to [fs.enum.file_type].

Proposed resolution: