2700. resource_adaptor went missing

Section: 20.4 [mem.res] Status: NAD Submitter: Jonathan Wakely Opened: 2016-05-04 Last modified: 2016-11-26 14:34:13 UTC

Priority: 1

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The alias template std::experimental::resource_adaptor is an important part of the polymorphic memory resources framework, but was not adopted into the WP along with the rest of LFTSv1. This seems to be an accidental omission. It was present in P0220R0, but absent in P0220R1. There was no discussion of leaving it out in Jacksonville, it is one of the "core features" discussed and intended for adoption.

[Oulu, 2016-06]

Tuesday night: This was not an accidental omission.

std::experimental::resource_adaptor will remain in the LFTS and we shall continue to gain implementation experience.

Proposed resolution:

  1. Add section 8.7 from N4562 (LFTSv2 DTS) into the WP.