2287. [fund.ts] Incorrect exception safety for optional copy assignment operator

Section: 5.3.3 [fund.ts::optional.object.assign] Status: Resolved Submitter: Howard Hinnant Opened: 2013-08-16 Last modified: 2015-10-26 20:17:22 UTC

Priority: Not Prioritized

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Addresses: fund.ts

The Exception safety paragraph of 5.3.3 [fund.ts::optional.object.assign] calls out T's copy constructor when it should refer to T's copy assignment operator.

[2013-09 Chicago:]

Move to Deferred. This feature will ship after C++14 and should be revisited then.

[2014-06-06 pre-Rapperswill]

This issue has been reopened as fundamentals-ts.

[2014-06-07 Daniel comments]

This issue should be set to Resolved, because the wording fix is already applied in the last fundamentals working draft.

[2014-06-16 Rapperswill]

Confirmed that this issue is resolved in the current Library Fundamentals working paper.

Proposed resolution:

This wording is relative to N3691.

  1. Change 5.3.3 [fund.ts::optional.object.assign] as indicated:

    optional<T>& operator=(const optional<T>& rhs);


    -8- Exception safety: If any exception is thrown, the values of init and rhs.init remain unchanged. If an exception is thrown during the call to T's copy constructor, no effect. If an exception is thrown during the call to T's copy assignment, the state of its contained value is as defined by the exception safety guarantee of T's copy constructorassignment.