2269. Container iterators and argument-dependent lookup

Section: 24.2.2 [container.requirements.general] Status: New Submitter: Matt Austern Opened: 2013-06-26 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: 4

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Consider the following code snippet:

#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>

int main() {
  std::vector<int> v1(100, 3);
  std::vector<int> v2(100);
  copy(v1.begin(), v1.end(), v2.begin());

It compiles without error on my desktop. Is it required to? I can't find evidence from the standard that it is. In my test std::copy was found by argument-dependent lookup because the implementation I used made std::vector<int>::iterator a user-defined type defined in namespace std. But the standard only requires std::vector<int>::iterator to be an implementation specified random access iterator type. I can't find anything requiring it to be a user-defined type at all (and in fact there are reasonable implementation where it isn't), let alone a user defined type defined in a specific namespace.

Since the defining namespace of container iterators is visible to users, should the standard say anything about what that namespace is?

Proposed resolution: