2216. regex_replace(basic_string) allocator handling

Section: 32.10.4 [re.alg.replace] Status: New Submitter: Jeffrey Yasskin Opened: 2012-11-26 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: 3

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template <class traits, class charT, class ST, class SA>
  basic_string<charT, ST, SA>
  regex_replace(const basic_string<charT, ST, SA>& s,
      const basic_regex<charT, traits>& e,
      const charT* fmt,
      regex_constants::match_flag_type flags = 

and friends are documented as

Constructs an empty string result of type basic_string<charT, ST, SA> and calls regex_replace(back_inserter(result), s.begin(), s.end(), e, fmt, flags).

This appears to require the result to have a default-constructed allocator, which isn't even possible for all allocator types. I suspect the allocator should be copied from 's' instead. Possibly there should be an additional defaulted argument to override the allocator of the result.

Proposed resolution: