2202. Missing allocator support by async

Section: 33.10.9 [futures.async] Status: Deferred Submitter: Detlef Vollmann Opened: 2012-10-19 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: 4

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promise, packaged_task, and async are the only places where a shared state is actually supposed to be allocated. Accordingly, promise and packaged_task are "allocator-aware". But function template async provides no way to provide an allocator.

[2013-09 Chicago]

Matt: deprecate async

Nico: read my paper

Alisdair: defer issues to wait for polymorphic allocators

Alisdair: defer, active topic of research Deferred

[2014-02-20 Re-open Deferred issues as Priority 4]

[2015-05 Lenexa, SG1 response]

We want whatever status approximates: "will not fix; we're working on a replacement facility and don't want to add features to a broken one"

Proposed resolution: