2201. Missing macro entries from C standard library

Section: C.8 [diff.library] Status: NAD Editorial Submitter: Kevin McCarty Opened: 2012-02-03 Last modified: 2016-11-28 15:34:12 UTC

Priority: 2

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It seems that in C.8 [diff.library], Table 150 the following macros from [c.limits], Table 31 are missing:


In addition in C.8 [diff.library], Table 150 the following macros from [c.limits], Table 32 are missing:


Furtheron it seems that in C.8 [diff.library], Table 149/150 further macros are missing as well, e.g. HUGE_VALF, INFINITY, etc.

[2014-02 Issaquah:]

This is an issue, all of C has not been updated for C99, C99 functions are missing, whole section needs to be overhauled.

The issue needs to be updated for functions and other missing items and when that happens the issue title is wrong and needs to be adapted.

[2016-08 Chicago: Zhihao Yuan comments]

We suggest to either:

  1. Having a paper to rewrite C.5 C standard library by striking the content shared by C and C++ and leave only the differences;

  2. Having a paper, or a complete proposed wording to fix the missing names added between C89 and C99.

For 1), some C11 headers being excluded from C++ (such as thread.h) need to be added to this section.

[2016-11-12, Issaquah]

Sat PM: Thomas will attempt to fix this editorially If he cannot, we will reexamine.


Resolved as NAD Editorial

Proposed resolution: