2178. Allocator requirement changes not mentioned Annex C

Section: [allocator.requirements], C.8 [diff.library] Status: Pending NAD Editorial Submitter: Nevin Liber Opened: 2012-08-14 Last modified: 2016-11-21 05:09:01 UTC

Priority: 3

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Given that a number of things were removed from the allocator requirements (reference, const_reference, address() in [allocator.requirements]), it seems that these incompatible changes should be mentioned in Annex C.8 [diff.library], more specifically in [diff.cpp03].

[ 2012-10 Portland: Move to Open ]

It was clearly pointed out by Bill during the C++11 process that our change to allocator requirements potentially broke 3rd party user containers written to expect C++03 allocators, or rather, an allocator written to the minimal requirements of C++11 might not be guaranteed to work with a container written to the previous rules. This was a trade-off in making allocaters easier to write by use of the allocator_traits framework.

This probably does merit a write-up in Annex C, and we look forward to seeing wording. Until then, the best we can do is move the issue to Open.

[2016-11-12, Issaquah]

Sat PM: JW to provide Annex C wording Status to "Pending NAD Editorial".

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