2012. Associative maps should insert pair, not tuple

Section: 24.4 [associative] Status: Resolved Submitter: Paolo Carlini Opened: 2010-10-29 Last modified: 2016-01-28 10:19:27 UTC

Priority: Not Prioritized

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I'm seeing something strange in the paragraphs [map.modifiers] and [multimap.modifiers]: they both talk about tuple<const key_type, mapped_type> but I think they should be talking about pair<const key_type, mapped_type> because, among other reasons, a tuple is not convertible to a pair. If I replace tuple with pair everything makes sense to me.

The proposed resolution is obvious.

[ 2010-11-07 Daniel comments ]

This is by far not the only necessary fix within both sub-clauses. For details see the 2010-10-29 comment in 2005.

[2011-03-24 Madrid meeting]

Paolo: Don't think we can do it now.

Daniel K: Agrees.

[ 2011 Bloomington ]

Consensus that this issue will be resolved by 2005, but held open until that issue is resolved.

Proposed resolution:

Apply the resolution proposed by the 2010-10-29 comment in 2005.