20 Memory management library [mem]

20.3 Smart pointers [smartptr]

20.3.2 Shared-ownership pointers [util.sharedptr] Class template shared_ptr [util.smartptr.shared] Modifiers [util.smartptr.shared.mod]

void swap(shared_ptr& r) noexcept;
Effects: Exchanges the contents of *this and r.
void reset() noexcept;
Effects: Equivalent to shared_ptr().swap(*this).
template<class Y> void reset(Y* p);
Effects: Equivalent to shared_ptr(p).swap(*this).
template<class Y, class D> void reset(Y* p, D d);
Effects: Equivalent to shared_ptr(p, d).swap(*this).
template<class Y, class D, class A> void reset(Y* p, D d, A a);
Effects: Equivalent to shared_ptr(p, d, a).swap(*this).