Annex D (informative) Compatibility [diff]

D.2 Ranges and the Palo Alto TR (N3351) [diff.n3351]

D.2.6 No Algorithm Reformulations [diff.n3351.no_eop_algos]

Between the standardization of the Standard Library and the Palo Alto report, much new research was done to further generalize the standard algorithms (see “Element of Programming”, Stepanov, McJones Stepanov:2009:EP:1614221). The algorithms presented in The Palo Alto report reflect the results of that research in the algorithm constraints, some of which (e.g., sort, inplace_merge) take iterators with weaker categories than they do in the current standard. The design presented in this document does not reflect those changes. Although those changes are desirable, generalizing the algorithms as described in The Palo Alto report feels like it would be best done in a separate proposal.