Annex D (informative) Compatibility [diff]

D.2 Ranges and the Palo Alto TR (N3351) [diff.n3351]

D.2.2 Invocables and Projections [diff.n3351.invok_proj]

Adobe's Source Libraries ASL pioneered the use of callables and projections in the standard algorithms. Invocables let users pass member pointers where the algorithms expect callables, saving users the trouble of using a binder or a lambda. Projections are extra optional arguments that give users a way to trivially transform input data on the fly during the execution of the algorithms. Neither significantly changes the operational semantics of the algorithms, but they do change the form of the algorithm constraints. To deal with the extra complexity of the constraints, the design presented here adds higher-level composite concepts for concisely expressing the necessary relationships between callables, iterators, and projections.