7 Concepts library [concepts.lib]

7.3 Core language concepts [concepts.lib.corelang]

7.3.12 Concept Destructible [concepts.lib.corelang.destructible]

The Destructible concept specifies properties of all types, instances of which can be destroyed at the end of their lifetime, or reference types.

template <class T> concept bool Destructible = is_nothrow_destructible<T>::value; // see below

There need not be any subsumption relationship between Destructible<T> and is_nothrow_destructible<T>::value.

Note: Unlike the Destructible library concept in the C++ Standard ( ISO/IEC 14882:2014 §[utility.arg.requirements]), this concept forbids destructors that are noexcept(false), even if non-throwing.  — end note ]