26 Ranges library [ranges]

26.5 Range utilities [range.utility]

26.5.6 Class template elements_of [range.elementsof]

Specializations of elements_of encapsulate a range and act as a tag in overload sets to disambiguate when a range should be treated as a sequence rather than a single value.
[Example 1: template<bool YieldElements> generator<any> f(ranges::input_range auto&& r) { if constexpr (YieldElements) co_yield ranges::elements_of(r); // yield each element of r else co_yield r; // yield r as a single value } — end example]
namespace std::ranges { template<range R, class Allocator = allocator<byte>> struct elements_of { [[no_unique_address]] R range; [[no_unique_address]] Allocator allocator = Allocator(); }; template<class R, class Allocator = allocator<byte>> elements_of(R&&, Allocator = Allocator()) -> elements_of<R&&, Allocator>; }