18 Sockets [socket]

18.2 Requirements [socket.reqmts]

18.2.5 Endpoint sequence requirements [socket.reqmts.endpointsequence]

A type X meets the EndpointSequence requirements if it satisfies the requirements of Destructible (C++ 2014 [destructible]) and CopyConstructible (C++ 2014 [copyconstructible]), as well as the additional requirements listed below.

In the table below, x denotes a (possibly const) value of type X.

Table 23 — EndpointSequence requirements
expressionreturn typeassertion/note pre/post-condition
A type meeting the requirements for forward iterators (C++ 2014 [forward.iterators]) whose value type is convertible to a type satisfying the Endpoint ([socket.reqmts.endpoint]) requirements. [x.begin(), x.end()) is a valid range.