23 Iterators library [iterators]

23.5 Iterator adaptors [predef.iterators]

23.5.3 Move iterators and sentinels [move.iterators] Operations [move.sent.ops]

constexpr move_sentinel();
Effects: Value-initializes last.
If is_­trivially_­default_­constructible_­v<S> is true, then this constructor is a constexpr constructor.
constexpr explicit move_sentinel(S s);
Effects: Initializes last with std​::​move(s).
template<class S2> requires convertible_­to<const S2&, S> constexpr move_sentinel(const move_sentinel<S2>& s);
Effects: Initializes last with s.last.
template<class S2> requires assignable_­from<S&, const S2&> constexpr move_sentinel& operator=(const move_sentinel<S2>& s);
Effects: Equivalent to: last = s.last; return *this;
constexpr S base() const;
Returns: last.