Annex D (normative) Compatibility features [depr]

D.14 Deprecated type traits [depr.meta.types]

The header <type_­traits> has the following addition: namespace std { template<class T> struct is_pod; template<class T> inline constexpr bool is_pod_v = is_pod<T>::value; }
The behavior of a program that adds specializations for any of the templates defined in this subclause is undefined, unless explicitly permitted by the specification of the corresponding template.
template<class T> struct is_pod;
Requires: remove_­all_­extents_­t<T> shall be a complete type or cv void.
is_­pod<T> is a Cpp17UnaryTypeTrait ([meta.rqmts]) with a base characteristic of true_­type if T is a POD type, and false_­type otherwise.
A POD class is a class that is both a trivial class and a standard-layout class, and has no non-static data members of type non-POD class (or array thereof).
A POD type is a scalar type, a POD class, an array of such a type, or a cv-qualified version of one of these types.
[Note 1:
It is unspecified whether a closure type ([expr.prim.lambda.closure]) is a POD type.
— end note]