26 Numerics library [numerics]

26.4 Complex numbers [complex.numbers]

26.4.1 General [complex.numbers.general]

The header <complex> defines a class template, and numerous functions for representing and manipulating complex numbers.
The effect of instantiating the template complex for any type other than float, double, or long double is unspecified.
The specializations complex<float>, complex<double>, and complex<long double> are literal types.
If the result of a function is not mathematically defined or not in the range of representable values for its type, the behavior is undefined.
If z is an lvalue of type cv complex<T> then:
  • the expression reinterpret_­cast<cv T(&)[2]>(z) is well-formed,
  • reinterpret_­cast<cv T(&)[2]>(z)[0] designates the real part of z, and
  • reinterpret_­cast<cv T(&)[2]>(z)[1] designates the imaginary part of z.
Moreover, if a is an expression of type cv complex<T>* and the expression a[i] is well-defined for an integer expression i, then:
  • reinterpret_­cast<cv T*>(a)[2*i] designates the real part of a[i], and
  • reinterpret_­cast<cv T*>(a)[2*i + 1] designates the imaginary part of a[i].