26 Containers library [containers]

26.3 Sequence containers [sequences]

26.3.11 Class template vector [vector] vector modifiers [vector.modifiers]

iterator insert(const_iterator position, const T& x); iterator insert(const_iterator position, T&& x); iterator insert(const_iterator position, size_type n, const T& x); template <class InputIterator> iterator insert(const_iterator position, InputIterator first, InputIterator last); iterator insert(const_iterator position, initializer_list<T>); template <class... Args> reference emplace_back(Args&&... args); template <class... Args> iterator emplace(const_iterator position, Args&&... args); void push_back(const T& x); void push_back(T&& x);

Remarks: Causes reallocation if the new size is greater than the old capacity. Reallocation invalidates all the references, pointers, and iterators referring to the elements in the sequence. If no reallocation happens, all the iterators and references before the insertion point remain valid. If an exception is thrown other than by the copy constructor, move constructor, assignment operator, or move assignment operator of T or by any InputIterator operation there are no effects. If an exception is thrown while inserting a single element at the end and T is CopyInsertable or is_­nothrow_­move_­constructible_­v<T> is true, there are no effects. Otherwise, if an exception is thrown by the move constructor of a non-CopyInsertable T, the effects are unspecified.

Complexity: The complexity is linear in the number of elements inserted plus the distance to the end of the vector.

iterator erase(const_iterator position); iterator erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last); void pop_back();

Effects: Invalidates iterators and references at or after the point of the erase.

Complexity: The destructor of T is called the number of times equal to the number of the elements erased, but the assignment operator of T is called the number of times equal to the number of elements in the vector after the erased elements.

Throws: Nothing unless an exception is thrown by the assignment operator or move assignment operator of T.