20 Library introduction [library]

20.5 Library-wide requirements [requirements]

20.5.2 Using the library [using] Linkage [using.linkage]

Entities in the C++ standard library have external linkage. Unless otherwise specified, objects and functions have the default extern "C++" linkage ([dcl.link]).

Whether a name from the C standard library declared with external linkage has extern "C" or extern "C++" linkage is implementation-defined. It is recommended that an implementation use extern "C++" linkage for this purpose.174

Objects and functions defined in the library and required by a C++ program are included in the program prior to program startup.

replacement functions, runtime changes.

The only reliable way to declare an object or function signature from the C standard library is by including the header that declares it, notwithstanding the latitude granted in 7.1.4 of the C Standard.