33 Thread support library [thread]

33.2 Requirements [thread.req]

33.2.2 Exceptions [thread.req.exception]

Some functions described in this Clause are specified to throw exceptions of type system_­error. Such exceptions shall be thrown if any of the function's error conditions is detected or a call to an operating system or other underlying API results in an error that prevents the library function from meeting its specifications. Failure to allocate storage shall be reported as described in [res.on.exception.handling].

[Example: Consider a function in this clause that is specified to throw exceptions of type system_­error and specifies error conditions that include operation_­not_­permitted for a thread that does not have the privilege to perform the operation. Assume that, during the execution of this function, an errno of EPERM is reported by a POSIX API call used by the implementation. Since POSIX specifies an errno of EPERM when “the caller does not have the privilege to perform the operation”, the implementation maps EPERM to an error_­condition of operation_­not_­permitted ([syserr]) and an exception of type system_­error is thrown. end example]

The error_­code reported by such an exception's code() member function shall compare equal to one of the conditions specified in the function's error condition element.