31 Regular expressions library [re]

31.1 General [re.general]

This Clause describes components that C++ programs may use to perform operations involving regular expression matching and searching.

The following subclauses describe a basic regular expression class template and its traits that can handle char-like template arguments, two specializations of this class template that handle sequences of char and wchar_­t, a class template that holds the result of a regular expression match, a series of algorithms that allow a character sequence to be operated upon by a regular expression, and two iterator types for enumerating regular expression matches, as described in Table 128.

Table 128 — Regular expressions library summary
Subclause Header(s)
[re.def] Definitions
[re.req] Requirements
[re.const] Constants
[re.badexp] Exception type
[re.traits] Traits
[re.regex] Regular expression template <regex>
[re.submatch] Submatches
[re.results] Match results
[re.alg] Algorithms
[re.iter] Iterators
[re.grammar] Grammar