29 Numerics library [numerics]

29.1 General [numerics.general]

This Clause describes components that C++ programs may use to perform seminumerical operations.

The following subclauses describe components for complex number types, random number generation, numeric (n-at-a-time) arrays, generalized numeric algorithms, and mathematical functions for floating-point types, as summarized in Table 101.

Table 101 — Numerics library summary
Subclause Header(s)
[numerics.defns] Definitions
[numeric.requirements] Requirements
[cfenv] Floating-point environment <cfenv>
[complex.numbers] Complex numbers <complex>
[rand] Random number generation <random>
[numarray] Numeric arrays <valarray>
[numeric.ops] Generalized numeric operations <numeric>
[c.math] Mathematical functions for <cmath>
floating-point types <cstdlib>