21 Language support library [language.support]

21.6 Dynamic memory management [support.dynamic]

21.6.3 Storage allocation errors [alloc.errors] Class bad_­array_­new_­length [new.badlength]

namespace std {
  class bad_array_new_length : public bad_alloc {
    bad_array_new_length() noexcept;
    const char* what() const noexcept override;

The class bad_­array_­new_­length defines the type of objects thrown as exceptions by the implementation to report an attempt to allocate an array of size less than zero or greater than an implementation-defined limit ([expr.new]).

bad_array_new_length() noexcept;

Effects: constructs an object of class bad_­array_­new_­length.

const char* what() const noexcept override;

Returns: An implementation-defined ntbs.

Remarks: The message may be a null-terminated multibyte string, suitable for conversion and display as a wstring ([string.classes], [locale.codecvt]).