30 Input/output library [input.output]

30.7 Formatting and manipulators [iostream.format]

30.7.4 Input streams [input.streams] Class template basic_­istream [istream] basic_­istream constructors [istream.cons]

explicit basic_istream(basic_streambuf<charT, traits>* sb);

Effects: Constructs an object of class basic_­istream, initializing the base class subobject with basic_­ios​::​init(sb) ([basic.ios.cons]).

Postconditions: gcount() == 0.

basic_istream(basic_istream&& rhs);

Effects: Move constructs from the rvalue rhs. This is accomplished by default constructing the base class, copying the gcount() from rhs, calling basic_­ios<charT, traits>​::​move(rhs) to initialize the base class, and setting the gcount() for rhs to 0.

virtual ~basic_istream();

Effects: Destroys an object of class basic_­istream.

Remarks: Does not perform any operations of rdbuf().