30 Input/output library [input.output]

30.5 Iostreams base classes [iostreams.base]

30.5.3 Class ios_­base [ios.base] ios_­base functions [ios.base.locales]

locale imbue(const locale& loc);

Effects: Calls each registered callback pair (fn, index) ([ios.base.callback]) as (*fn)(imbue_­event, *this, index) at such a time that a call to ios_­base​::​getloc() from within fn returns the new locale value loc.

Returns: The previous value of getloc().

Postconditions: loc == getloc().

locale getloc() const;

Returns: If no locale has been imbued, a copy of the global C++ locale, locale(), in effect at the time of construction. Otherwise, returns the imbued locale, to be used to perform locale-dependent input and output operations.