List of Figures [fig]

6.10 Lvalues and rvalues [basic.lval]

categories expression expression glvalue glvalue expression->glvalue rvalue rvalue expression->rvalue lvalue lvalue glvalue->lvalue xvalue xvalue glvalue->xvalue rvalue->xvalue prvalue prvalue rvalue->prvalue
Figure 1 — Expression category taxonomy

13 Derived classes [class.derived]

dag Base Base Derived1 Derived1 Derived1->Base Derived2 Derived2 Derived2->Derived1
Figure 2 — Directed acyclic graph

13.1 Multiple base classes [class.mi]

nonvirt L1 L L2 L A A A->L1 B B B->L2 C C C->A C->B
Figure 3 — Non-virtual base

13.1 Multiple base classes [class.mi]

virt V V A A A->V B B B->V C C C->A C->B
Figure 4 — Virtual base

13.1 Multiple base classes [class.mi]

virtnonvirt B1 B B2 B AA AA X X AA->X Y Y AA->Y Z Z AA->Z X->B1 Y->B1 Z->B2
Figure 5 — Virtual and non-virtual base

13.2 Member name lookup [class.member.lookup]

virt W1 W V V W2 W B B B->W1 B->V C C C->V C->W2 D D D->B D->C
Figure 6 — Name lookup

30.1 General [input.output.general]

figstreampos traits_pos_type_char char_traits<char> ::pos_type streampos streampos traits_pos_type_char->streampos iostreams.limits.pos traits_pos_type_wchar_t char_traits<wchar_t> ::pos_type wstreampos wstreampos traits_pos_type_wchar_t->wstreampos iostreams.limits.pos fpos fpos<mbstate_t> streampos->fpos iostream.forward wstreampos->fpos iostream.forward traits_off_type_char char_traits<char> ::off_type streamoff streamoff traits_off_type_char->streamoff iostreams.limits.pos traits_off_type_wchar_t char_traits<wchar_t> ::off_type traits_off_type_wchar_t->streamoff iostreams.limits.pos streamoff_type signed integer type sufficient for O/S maximum file size streamoff->streamoff_type stream.types streamsize streamsize streamsize_type signed integer type represents characters xfered or buffer sizes streamsize->streamsize_type stream.types
Figure 7 — Stream position, offset, and size types [non-normative]