8 Expressions [expr]

8.2 Postfix expressions [expr.post]

8.2.3 Explicit type conversion (functional notation) [expr.type.conv]

A simple-type-specifier or typename-specifier followed by a parenthesized optional expression-list or by a braced-init-list (the initializer) constructs a value of the specified type given the initializer. If the type is a placeholder for a deduced class type, it is replaced by the return type of the function selected by overload resolution for class template deduction for the remainder of this section.

If the initializer is a parenthesized single expression, the type conversion expression is equivalent (in definedness, and if defined in meaning) to the corresponding cast expression. If the type is cv void and the initializer is (), the expression is a prvalue of the specified type that performs no initialization. Otherwise, the expression is a prvalue of the specified type whose result object is direct-initialized with the initializer. For an expression of the form T(), T shall not be an array type.