Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.4 C++ and ISO C++ 2014 [diff.cpp14]

C.4.2 Clause [expr]: expressions [diff.cpp14.expr]

[], [expr.pre.incr]
Change: Remove increment operator with bool operand.
Rationale: Obsolete feature with occasionally surprising semantics.
Effect on original feature: A valid C++ 2014 expression utilizing the increment operator on a bool lvalue is ill-formed in this International Standard. Note that this might occur when the lvalue has a type given by a template parameter.

[], [expr.delete]
Change: Dynamic allocation mechanism for over-aligned types.
Rationale: Simplify use of over-aligned types.
Effect on original feature: In C++ 2014 code that uses a new-expression to allocate an object with an over-aligned class type, where that class has no allocation functions of its own, ​::​operator new(std​::​size_­t) is used to allocate the memory. In this International Standard, ​::​operator new(std​::​size_­t, std​::​align_­val_­t) is used instead.