Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.4 C++ and ISO C++ 2014 [diff.cpp14]

C.4.7 Clause [except]: exception handling [diff.cpp14.except]

Change: Remove dynamic exception specifications.
Rationale: Dynamic exception specifications were a deprecated feature that was complex and brittle in use. They interacted badly with the type system, which became a more significant issue in this International Standard where (non-dynamic) exception specifications are part of the function type.
Effect on original feature: A valid C++ 2014 function declaration, member function declaration, function pointer declaration, or function reference declaration, if it has a potentially throwing dynamic exception specification, will be rejected as ill-formed in this International Standard. Violating a non-throwing dynamic exception specification will call terminate rather than unexpected and might not perform stack unwinding prior to such a call.