25 Localization library [localization]

25.5 C library locales [c.locales]

25.5.1 Header <clocale> synopsis [clocale.syn]

namespace std {
  struct lconv;

  char* setlocale(int category, const char* locale);
  lconv* localeconv();

#define NULL see [support.types.nullptr]
#define LC_ALL see below
#define LC_COLLATE see below
#define LC_CTYPE see below
#define LC_MONETARY see below
#define LC_NUMERIC see below
#define LC_TIME see below

The contents and meaning of the header <clocale> are the same as the C standard library header <locale.h>.

Calls to the function setlocale may introduce a data race ([res.on.data.races]) with other calls to setlocale or with calls to the functions listed in Table 81.

See also: ISO C 7.11.

Table 81 — Potential setlocale data races
fprintf isprint iswdigit localeconv tolower
fscanf ispunct iswgraph mblen toupper
isalnum isspace iswlower mbstowcs towlower
isalpha isupper iswprint mbtowc towupper
isblank iswalnum iswpunct setlocale wcscoll
iscntrl iswalpha iswspace strcoll wcstod
isdigit iswblank iswupper strerror wcstombs
isgraph iswcntrl iswxdigit strtod wcsxfrm
islower iswctype isxdigit strxfrm wctomb