27 Input/output library [input.output]

27.5 Iostreams base classes [iostreams.base]

27.5.6 ios_base manipulators [std.ios.manip] fmtflags manipulators [fmtflags.manip]

ios_base& boolalpha(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::boolalpha).

Returns: str.

ios_base& noboolalpha(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::boolalpha).

Returns: str.

ios_base& showbase(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::showbase).

Returns: str.

ios_base& noshowbase(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::showbase).

Returns: str.

ios_base& showpoint(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::showpoint).

Returns: str.

ios_base& noshowpoint(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::showpoint).

Returns: str.

ios_base& showpos(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::showpos).

Returns: str.

ios_base& noshowpos(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::showpos).

Returns: str.

ios_base& skipws(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::skipws).

Returns: str.

ios_base& noskipws(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::skipws).

Returns: str.

ios_base& uppercase(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::uppercase).

Returns: str.

ios_base& nouppercase(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::uppercase).

Returns: str.

ios_base& unitbuf(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::unitbuf).

Returns: str.

ios_base& nounitbuf(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::unitbuf).

Returns: str. adjustfield manipulators [adjustfield.manip]

ios_base& internal(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::internal, ios_base::adjustfield).

Returns: str.

ios_base& left(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::left, ios_base::adjustfield).

Returns: str.

ios_base& right(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::right, ios_base::adjustfield).

Returns: str. basefield manipulators [basefield.manip]

ios_base& dec(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::dec, ios_base::basefield).

Returns: str305.

ios_base& hex(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::hex, ios_base::basefield).

Returns: str.

ios_base& oct(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::oct, ios_base::basefield).

Returns: str.

The function signature dec(ios_base&) can be called by the function signature basic_ostream& stream::operator<<(ios_base& (*)(ios_base&)) to permit expressions of the form cout << dec to change the format flags stored in cout. floatfield manipulators [floatfield.manip]

ios_base& fixed(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::fixed, ios_base::floatfield).

Returns: str.

ios_base& scientific(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::scientific, ios_base::floatfield).

Returns: str.

ios_base& hexfloat(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.setf(ios_base::fixed | ios_base::scientific, ios_base::floatfield).

Returns: str.

Note: The more obvious use of ios_base::hex to specify hexadecimal floating-point format would change the meaning of existing well defined programs. C++2003 gives no meaning to the combination of fixed and scientific. — end note ]

ios_base& defaultfloat(ios_base& str);

Effects: Calls str.unsetf(ios_base::floatfield).

Returns: str. Error reporting [error.reporting]

error_code make_error_code(io_errc e) noexcept;

Returns: error_code(static_cast<int>(e), iostream_category()).

error_condition make_error_condition(io_errc e) noexcept;

Returns: error_condition(static_cast<int>(e), iostream_category()).

const error_category& iostream_category() noexcept;

Returns: A reference to an object of a type derived from class error_category.

The object's default_error_condition and equivalent virtual functions shall behave as specified for the class error_category. The object's name virtual function shall return a pointer to the string "iostream".