22 Localization library [localization]

22.3 Locales [locales]

22.3.1 Class locale [locale] locale static members [locale.statics]

static locale global(const locale& loc);

Sets the global locale to its argument.

Effects: Causes future calls to the constructor locale() to return a copy of the argument. If the argument has a name, does

std::setlocale(LC_ALL, loc.name().c_str());

otherwise, the effect on the C locale, if any, is implementation-defined. No library function other than locale::global() shall affect the value returned by locale(). [ Note: See [c.locales] for data race considerations when setlocale is invoked.  — end note ]

Returns: The previous value of locale().

static const locale& classic();

The "C" locale.

Returns: A locale that implements the classic "C" locale semantics, equivalent to the value locale("C").

Remarks: This locale, its facets, and their member functions, do not change with time.