Annex E (normative) Universal character names for identifier characters [charname]

E.1 Ranges of characters allowed [charname.allowed]

00A8, 00AA, 00AD, 00AF, 00B2-00B5, 00B7-00BA, 00BC-00BE, 00C0-00D6, 00D8-00F6, 00F8-00FF

0100-167F, 1681-180D, 180F-1FFF

200B-200D, 202A-202E, 203F-2040, 2054, 2060-206F

2070-218F, 2460-24FF, 2776-2793, 2C00-2DFF, 2E80-2FFF

3004-3007, 3021-302F, 3031-303F


F900-FD3D, FD40-FDCF, FDF0-FE44, FE47-FFFD

10000-1FFFD, 20000-2FFFD, 30000-3FFFD, 40000-4FFFD, 50000-5FFFD,
  60000-6FFFD, 70000-7FFFD, 80000-8FFFD, 90000-9FFFD, A0000-AFFFD,
  B0000-BFFFD, C0000-CFFFD, D0000-DFFFD, E0000-EFFFD

E.2 Ranges of characters disallowed initially [charname.disallowed]

0300-036F, 1DC0-1DFF, 20D0-20FF, FE20-FE2F