14 Templates [temp]

14.8 Function template specializations [temp.fct.spec]

14.8.2 Template argument deduction [temp.deduct] Deducing template arguments from a function declaration [temp.deduct.decl]

In a declaration whose declarator-id refers to a specialization of a function template, template argument deduction is performed to identify the specialization to which the declaration refers. Specifically, this is done for explicit instantiations ([temp.explicit]), explicit specializations ([temp.expl.spec]), and certain friend declarations ([temp.friend]). This is also done to determine whether a deallocation function template specialization matches a placement operator new ([basic.stc.dynamic.deallocation], [expr.new]). In all these cases, P is the type of the function template being considered as a potential match and A is either the function type from the declaration or the type of the deallocation function that would match the placement operator new as described in [expr.new]. The deduction is done as described in [temp.deduct.type].

If, for the set of function templates so considered, there is either no match or more than one match after partial ordering has been considered ([temp.func.order]), deduction fails and, in the declaration cases, the program is ill-formed.